THE LEADER’S NEST 3: Challenge the Threats in the Environment

Raising a formidable army for excellence

Leadership Development Series 002

Course Title: Managing Threats in a Leader’s Environment

Inspiration : Genesis 21:22-34

Facilitator: Dr. Okey Onyema


Aggressive people employ intimidation and violence to oppress others. Oppression thrives when people are afraid to stand up against ills meted out to them. If aggression is left unchallenged, it will continue to cause more harm. Our inspiration scripture shows that Abraham confronted Abimelech for his well, seized by Abimelech’s servants. Though Abimelech said he was not privy to it, Abraham would have lost his well if he didn’t speak out. To avoid being taken advantage of, leaders must be courageous enough to challenge whatever threatens the progress of their organization.


To withstand threats in the environment, leaders should:

* Communicate any aggression against them to the public.

* Confront people who want to trample on their labours.

* Seek redress at the appropriate quarters against any infringement on their rights; and not to violate the law.

Reflection Arena

Do you suffer incessant aggression from people in your environment?
Have you brought your ordeal to the knowledge of the authorities that be?
Do you have a strategy to ensure that those who want to bring you down do not succeed?

Change Point

Create an outlet to communicate your unpleasant situation to the public.
Establish a link with higher authorities and security agencies.
Develop an emergency response strategy against any sudden aggression.

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