Face-to-Face Demonstration of Prayer

[Use the following example of conversational prayer; or set up your own demonstration using topics of interest to your group. Make sure that those who are involved in the demonstration speak loudly enough to be easily heard.] [Substitute names for the letters a, b, c, d used below.]

“Let us pretend that ‘a’ has a new life group that has been meeting together for six weeks. The group members have been growing in their walks with God and in their relationships with one another. Each member of the group is developing their personal ministry of evangelism and discipleship. Tonight, their group has been meeting for 45 minutes. They have spent time sharing what has happened in their lives, had some time in the word together and now they are going to pray conversationally. Let us join them as the group continues.”

Asking for prayer items to pray for

A says,  “as we pray together tonight, what are some things you want to pray about?”

D says, “I am starting my new life group on Saturday. I would like us to pray about that.”

D says, “my mother goes into the hospital for surgery tomorrow. I would like prayer for her.”

B says, “as I shared earlier tonight, I talked to my sister, Anna, last night about Christ and she was not very receptive. It has been on my mind all day. I would like us to pray for her.”

Then prayer begins (one after the other)

A says, “let us pray about these things together.”  ‘Father, thank you that you are a God who cares about us.'”

C says, “yes, thank you that you hear us and desire our fellowship.”

D says, “thank you that ‘B’ was able to tell Anna about you last night.”

B says, “yes, father. Thank you for such a natural opportunity to tell Anna about you. I ask that you would continue to work in Anna’s heart so that she would see how much she needs to know you.”

C says, “I agree, lord. I pray that the Holy Spirit would convict her about her sin and need for a savior. I also ask that she would become more open to hearing about you.”

A says, “we ask that you would provide more opportunities for ‘B‘ to talk with Anna and that she would encounter other Christians who will talk to her as well.”

D says, “thank you, father, that you desire for people to enter a relationship with you.”

C says, “thank you, too, that you not only care but you also answer our prayers. There is no one more powerful than you.”

B says, “father, I would like to pray for ‘D‘s mother, who is facing surgery tomorrow. I am sure she feels nervous. I pray you will calm her and help her trust you through this.”

A says, “I agree Lord. We recognize that you are in control of this situation. I do pray for the surgeon, that you will give him wisdom and concentration as he performs the surgery.”

D says, “I pray that there will be no complications after surgery and that she will heal quickly.”

[briefly pause and sing]

A says, “thank you, father, for the new life group that ‘c’ is starting on Saturday. 1 thank you for bringing ‘C‘ into contact with so many interested people. I ask that they would grow into committed multiplying disciples who will help reach the world for Christ.”

B says, “I agree. Right now, though, I ask that they would remember to come on Saturday and that they would be faithful.”

C says, “I have to admit, father, that i feel nervous about leading this group. I ask for your help as i do it.”

B says, “I pray you would help ‘c’ as he/she prepares for the group, that he/she would understand the material and would be able to communicate it clearly.”

D says, “thank you, lord, for hearing us; that you care and are involved in our lives. Thank you, too, that you are able to answer. We are grateful. And thank you for this time in prayer together with you. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

[demonstration ends]


“What are some observations you made about this demonstration of conversational prayer?”  –  Respond to the comment box



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