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Leadership Development Series 003

Course Title: Leaders Affirmation and Elevation
Inspiration : Genesis 22: 1-19
Facilitator: Dr. Okey Onyema

Topic: God Examines Leaders

Every leader appointed by God experiences His crucible of validation. God uses trials to affirm leaders before elevation. God’s test is not usually easy for leaders who have not built their trust in Him. Most leaders who depended on God for help in their trial times have performed meritoriously, while others are still on it. Our Inspiration Scripture shows how God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice Isaac, his well beloved only son, to Him (Genesis 22:1-2). A leader’s performance in their divine examination proves their suitability for the new horizon yearned for.

The examination may come by God urging the leader to:

*Give up for Him what they love or cherish most.
*Leave a comfort zone for another place or something that looks unpleasant.
*Give up the pursuit of a flourishing career or ambition for the ministry.
*Do what may be construed as hurting, though it is not.

Reflection Arena

1. Do you feel that God is asking you to give up something for Him?
2. Are you having trials even when you are sure you are in the will of God?
3. What do you think is the reason you are facing different challenges?
4. Are you afraid that what God is asking you to do or give up may create discomfort for you?

Change Point

1. Surrender to God whatever He is asking from you.
2. Depend on God to help you overcome your present challenges.
3. Obey God and do whatever He wants you to do.
4. Seek the face of God to know the reason (s) for your problems.

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