THE LEADER’S NEST 4: Contending with Hostility in the Environment

Raising a formidable army for excellence

Leadership Development Series 002

Course Title: Managing Threats in a Leader’s Environment

Inspiration : Genesis 21:22-34

Facilitator: Dr. Okey Onyema



Topic:  Contending with Hostility in the Environment


Success exposes a leader to envy, especially if the person is an alien where his/her operation is domiciled. A leader may be subjected to victimization by those who claim ownership of the environment. Without any justifiable reason, state and non-state actors may unleash their venom on the leader, in order to bring him/her down. The scripture reveals that without any provocation, Abimelech’s aides confiscated a well Abraham dug to access water for his livestock. This aggressive behaviour may not be unconnected to a subtle plan to frustrate his business from making further progress.


Leaders can experience hostile attitudes in their vicinity due to the following reasons:

* Feelings of insecurity from those who are key players in the area.

* The oppressive nature of other leaders in the community

*The perception that a leader is not giving back to the environment.


Reflection Arena

  1. Do you have a cordial relationship with people in your environment?
  2. If no, what do you think is the cause?
  3. Is there any form of aggression against you or your organization?
  4. Do you think you are doing enough to help people in your environment?


Change Point

  1. Go the extra mile to assauge people from furthering their ill feelings against you or your organization.

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