THE LEADER’S NEST 5: Secure Your Interests and Investments in every Transaction

Raising a formidable army for excellence

Leadership Development Series 002

Course Title: Managing Threats in a Leader’s Environment
Inspiration : Genesis 21:22-34
Facilitator: Dr. Okey Onyema

Topic: Secure Your Interests and Investments in every Transaction
People can be unpredictable in relationships and partnerships. A trusted associate may one day turn to a tormentor. Therefore, it is pertinent for a leader to secure his/her interests and investments properly. It should also be in such a way that successors can benefit from it unhindered. In our inspiration scripture (vs 26-34), Abraham gave gifts to Abimelech to extract an oath of security, that he dug the well. He called the place Beersheba and also planted a tree there unto God to commemorate the oath. Agreements can be denied or tampered with, but God’s witness is truth.

To secure interests and investments when dealing with other parties, a leader should:
*Establish a formal process (legally, traditionally or spiritually), in any transaction that a breach of trust may be hazardous to him/her and the organization.
* Involve God to witness all his/her transactions and agreements with others.
* Have human witnesses on any oral or written agreements and documents with people.

Reflection Arena
1. Have you been a victim of breach of trust or denial of oral agreement(s)?
2. Have you developed a formal process of securing your interests and investments in your further dealings with people?

Change Point
1. Document business and partnership agreements, and give legal backing to your investments.
2. Let a third party witness your agreements (written or oral) with people.
3. Always ask God to be a witness in all your transactions with others.

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