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Leadership Development Series 003

emSoCourse: Title: Leaders Affirmation and Elevation
Inspiration : Genesis 22: 1-19
Facilitator: Dr. Okey Onyema

Topic: X-Raying Leaders’ Responses to Divine Instruction(s)

Leaders respond differently to God’s instructions. Some respond promptly, while others may procrastinate or disobey outrightly. Promptness shows obedience and faith. Procrastination may be as a result of doubt, fear or lack of understanding. Disobedience may be due to a leader’s strong-will or rebellious attitude. Hesistant and disobedient leaders tend to analyse the plausibility of God’s directives from intellectual and self-centred perspectives, and the opinion of others. Abraham’s promptness to God’s instruction (Genesis 22:1-3), demonstrates his responsiveness and submissiveness to God.

Leaders should note that:

* A person’s response to God’s directive(s) determines the approval by God.
* Response to God’s instruction(s) must correspond to the season of execution.
* Negative attitude to God’s instruction(s) lowers life’s altitude.

Reflection Arena

1. Has God instructed you on something before?
2. How did you respond? Promptly, delayed, or disobeyed?
3. If you responded negatively, what could be your reason(s)?
4. Is there any pending divine instruction you have not responded to?
4. Do you think responding negatively to God’s instruction will help a leader’s growth?

Change Point

1. Repent of any delay or disobedience to God’s instruction(s) in time past.
2. Make a decision to henceforth respond to God’s instruction(s) at the right time.


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