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Our name comes from the fusion of two ideas important to us. Indigenous because it reflects our desire for locally-generated strategies that work in each generation, language, and culture. Digital because we believe digital tools, resources, platforms, and strategies can accelerate God’s mission.

Indigitous is where digital meets missional. We believe that every Christian is a digital missionary. If you have a phone, you can share your faith. 

But if you’re like most Christians, you feel awkward about sharing your faith. You’re probably not used to doing it, don’t have a comfortable way to share, and maybe fear rejection. Well, you’re not alone. Most Christians feel that way. 

We are the Digital Strategies of the Great Commission Movement of Nigeria.

For over 50 years, the Great Commission Movement of Nigeria, an evangelistic organization has been working among people to bring the transforming message of Jesus through three simple strategies; Win, Build, and Send!

National Digital Strategies Leadership Team

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Jos Hub

Paul Ajiji
Jos Hub Leader

Pamela Dabit

Ponfa Michael

Tokkit Stallone Yusuf

Victor Abel

Muplang Johnson

Plang Dakon

Odesina Ifeoluwa

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Michael Labang

Odesina Ifeoluwa

John Dauda Bawa

Ibrahim H. Pollum

Geoffrey Timothy

Deborah Aaron

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